specialty drinks, sake & beer

Ginger Martini
Domaine de canton ginger liqueur with Hendrick’s Gin
Grey-goose L’Orange Vodka, fresh green-tea and dash of fresh lemon juice
A tropical flavor with a French flair Belvedere Vodka and Domain de Canton with chambord and splash of orange juice
Sake Blossom
A lovely flow of flavors served with St-Germain elder flower liqueur and Sho Chiku Bai sake
Creme Brulee
Sweet and creamy martini with vanilla vodka, Liqueur 43, splash of cream and finished with a caramelized sugar rim
Belvedere Vodka with fresh cucumber slices and mint mixed together to create a refreshing flavor
A tropical lychee juice with Swedka Vanilla Vodka and splash of lychee liqueur
Belvedere Vodka with mango juice and a dash of Bauchant liqueur
Sky Dragon fruit Vodka with pomegranate juice and a dash of Pama liqueur, finished with lemon twist

Tropical Hanoi
Bacardi Rum with pineapple juice, orange juice splash of grenadine and finished with Kraken Dark Rum
Mojito in Vietnam
Ultra premium Mount Gay Rum Xtra Old mixed with fresh mint, sugar and splash of soda
Lemon-grass Margarita
Herradura silver Tequila, dash of Bauchant liqueur served with caramelilzed lemon-grass and ginger juice
Jalapeno Margarita
Herradura silver Tequila with fresh spicy jalapeno, red peppers and a dash of fresh lime juice. Topped with sweet and sour mix
Habanero Bloody Mary
Absolut vodka with habanero infused tomato and vegetable juice

Champagne drinks
Le Champagne
Brut champagne with a splash of St-Germain liqueur, garnish with strawberry
Vietnam Royale
Brut champagne with Domain de Canton liqueur lemon juice with a dash of lemon bitters

Sho chiku, Bai Junmai served warm or cold     5oz, 10oz
Gekkeikan Horin served cold                                        

Imports                              Bottle
Sapporo (Japan)                    
Kirin (Japan)                            
Singha (Thailand)                  
Kirin Light (Japan)                  
Corona (Mexico)                    
Heineken (Holland)              
Kingfisher (India)                    
Tsingtao (China)                    
Dos XX (Mexico)                    
Saigon (Vietnam)                  
Asahi Super Dry (Japan)      
Asahi Black (Japan)              
Sapporo Rsv (Japan)            

Coors Light                          
Michelob Ultra                    
Shiner Bock                          


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